Hello Again

It’s been dark on HYFN, and we’ve missed you. Our hearts and minds have always been aligned with the South Asian diaspora and the creative community within. It is who we are. We’ve come a long way in the last few years rising up as entrepreneurs, painters, writers, artists of all kinds. Today, we see more brown faces represented all around us than ever before and it’s been an incredible advancement.

We started HYFN a few years ago with the intention of uplifting and highlighting voices pushing this movement forward. We had to shift our attention away towards HAPPYMONDAY as our primary initiative as it started to pick up momentum quite quickly and it was clear we had decide where to focus our efforts. So we shelfed HYFN in order to build and scale that business into what it is today. It’s been a wild ride but our success with HAPPYMONDAY has now allowed us to create some room to give back and awaken HYFN. And we can’t think of a more important time for us to contribute to our community than right now.

Today we’re launching a face mask from which we will be donating all proceeds to South Asian diaspora creators that have been affected financially by COVID-19. Please take look at the masks and if you have the means to contribute, we hope you will purchase one at this link.

At the core of it the goal of HYFN was always to create more opportunity for artists to thrive and a space for the community to engage with one another. The time has come and we resurrect the HYFN brand so that we can continue to uplift, continue to grow and continue to share our stories with the world.


Love and health to all,

Humai and Atif

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